An Unexpected Signing

IMG_6423It’s 11pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and we still need to buy everything besides the turkey. We made a decision to go to the store at that time to avoid the crowds that surely existed earlier. And the plan worked out. The parking lot was nearly empty and since our Wegmans is a 24 hr store, we didn’t have to worry about it closing on us. After getting our cart, I noticed a sign near the store entrance. Buffalo Sabres Captain Jack Eichel was having a signing at the store. It would be a free signing with a purchase from their team shop, but only a limited number of tickets were available. After getting more information at the service desk, I found out that I would need to come back tomorrow to get a ticket since the machines were down for the night. Also, there were only 200 tickets available.

Thanksgiving morning, while everyone else was still sleeping, I braved another trip to the store. This time, the parking lot was full and the store was packed with last minute shoppers. I bought a Sabres Jack Eichel tee shirt and secured my ticket for the signing.

Leading up to the signing yesterday, I wasn’t sure if would happen. A lake effect storm system came through the area. The storm effected both the morning commute and again the evening commute. Before leaving work, I called the store to see if the appearance was still on and it was.

IMG_7919The signing appearance was set up really well. The signing was free, but you needed a ticket. Each ticket allowed 2 people to get into the line and each person could get a free autograph. With the storm that was hitting the area, i wasn’t sure if my better half would be able to meet me at the store. However, she braved the roads and made it safely. When we checked it, we were given a ticket that said we were in the “G group”. We waited about 25 minutes in the holding area and then another 10 minutes in the line that moved pretty quickly. I brought 2 items to get signed; a Buffalo Sabres game puck and an 8 x 10 from last year’s All Star game. I IMG_7928couldn’t find a photo from this year in this new #9 jersey and the Captain patch. Jack was great with all of the fans. He posed for pictures and interacted with everyone. He was really good with all of the young fans that were in line.

This was a great surprise signing. Both autographs came out well. He signed the puck with #9 and the photo with last year’s 15. Jack Eichel is one of my favorite players on the Sabres, which are having a great year. He’s an exciting player that I enjoy seeing develop before our eyes. I’ve had season tickets for the Sabres since the 2006-07 season. The last 3 years have been brutal. However, I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the dark tunnel and Jack Eichel is one of the main reasons for that.

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