Personal Collections


After I got back into the hobby during my late 20s, I found that I was dabbling in everything.  I was buying boxes from current sets in baseball, football and hockey.  It was getting to be too much.  I needed to have a more narrowed focus.  I found myself buying less boxes and focusing on a few select personal collections.

Graded RCs and HOF RCs

I’ve always liked rookie cards.  Some of my first RCs were of Ken Griffey Jr from 89 FleerIMG_0442 and Donruss sets; didn’t have his UD card until much later in life.  When buying raw rookies, I found it hard to determine the condition (especially online).  So I started buying cards already graded to guarantee their condition.  I like Beckett (BVG or BGS) and Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA).  My local card shop brings a Beckett rep in twice each year.  So I have submitted many cards from my collection.  As for vintage, there are a lot more PSA graded cards out there.

1960 Topps Baseball (HOF only)

I’ve always liked the 1960 Topps baseball card design.  I picked a few of these cards in IMG_8613PSA holders in mid-grade.  I decided to collect all of the Hall of Famers in that set in PSA mid grades.  There are 29 HOF players in this set.  Currently I have 22 in PSA holders and 1 in a BVG holder.


1999 UD Century Legends Epic Signatures (HOF only)

Ive always been a sucker for a good looking autographed card.  This is a beautiful subset IMG_9836that looks really sharp signed.  They have a simple design with the player’s head and a crisp on card autograph in blue sharpie.  I am collection the HOFers from this subset.  There are approximately 22 HOFers and I currently have 12 in BGS holders.


Vintage HOF cards

I’ve been big into vintage cards lately; especially Hall of Fame vintage.  I love the unique IMG_2860designs and owning cards of players that I’ve only heard about.  My father didn’t collect cards, so I didn’t have anything handed down to me.  I’ve been trying to catch up on what I missed out.  I was born in 1980 and didn’t start collection until 1989.  So vintage for me is anything prior to the mid 1980s.  There are some great sets from the 1960s and 1970s.  Depending on condition, these cards can be found at reasonable prices.  I usually look for cards in mid grade condition.  Eye appeal is important.  I lean towards centered cards with round corners vs ones with sharp edges and are off centered.  I’ve been collecting HOFers from each set and storing them in semi rigid holders.