In the Fall of 2016, I had a ton of cards from various 80s wax boxes that I ripped and needed something to do with them.  While on twitter, I saw posts that showed autographed cards that were signed through the mail.  This practice has been around for awhile, but I never attempted to send any cards out for signature.  With the help of @Beansbcardblog and @autographblog, I had the basic concept of what to do.

In September 2016 I sent out my first set of envelopes and haven’t looked back.  For the most part, I send to former baseball, football and hockey players. I will send to current players, but during their season only.

In 2017, I began working on a long term project.  I decided to try to get the entire 1989 Topps set signed.  This set is very special to me.  Its the 1st set that I collected as a boy.  My mom gave me my 1st packs and began my card collecting.  I love the design and the cards look really sharp signed.  Also, there is a ton of this product available for TTM purposes.

TTM or through the mail writing has become a big part of the hobby for me.  This can be cheap if you do it correctly. It’s an easy process and can be a fun project during the long Winters.   Addresses can be found online on several sites.  I recommend Sports Card Forum (free site) and Sports Card Network ($15 yearly fee).

TTM Writing Checklist:
* Two sizes of envelopes
* note pad
* stamps for both envelopes
* semi rigid holder (optional)
* plain index cards (optional)

You need tow different size envelopes; No. 10 envelope (9.5 inches) IMG_2997and smaller No. 6 3/4 envelope for the return.  I always buy security envelopes.  Also, for the smaller return envelopes, I buy the press and seal to make it easier for the players.

I always write a simple note.  Players get a lot of mail and I do not want to take up too much of their time.  I keep it short and courteous. If it’s a player that I have a connection with, I’ll add that as well. I keep my letters short, but everyone has their own methods.

An example of my letter:

“Dear Mr. _________
Will you please sign my enclosed cards?  These cards are for my own collection. Thank you for your time.

You need stamps for both envelopes.  I always use a single forever stamp; never had a problem. For addresses in Canada, I use a single International stamp (currently $1.20 US) for each envelope.

Semi Rigid Holder:
This is optional.  I want the cards to be protected a little.  I use the semi rigid holdersIMG_3002 (graded card submission holders).  They are cheap and can be re-used if players return them.

Index cards:
IMG_2999I always toss an index card in each envelope.  Sometimes the player will sign them.  I consider it a bonus autograph.  I always send plain white cards.


                                                     ***  hand write everything ***

I cannot stress this enough, I always hand write everything.  It makes it more personable and shows effort.  TTM writing is a fun and can be cheap if done smartly.  I hope this post helps a little.  I received help and want to pay it forward.

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